Ivan & Joey - Viaggio d'amore a Venezia


Do you ever believe in fairy tales love story...? Here is one~


Viaggio d'amore a Venezia, it means "Journey of Love in Venice" in Italian,
this special journey and memories belongs only to Ivan & Joey. It is a special one...


It wasn't that long since Ivan and Joey`s met, and it doesn't take them long to realize they are the life soulmate of each other...

not too long for them to decide to get married~

They really make a perfect couple.

As dramatic as it is, Ivan holding Joey`s hand in the Piazza San Marco and started dancing...

Ivan, a true man that stay loyal to his only women

Since the day I met you, I knew you are the only one in my life~

And Ivan said to Joey : "I'm the Prince and you will be my princess."

Other than Venice, there is another island closeby, Burano. Specialize in creating lace and glass.

All their buildings are beautifully painted in colours~This place especially suit their personality.

I wanted to give you the best in life! Yeap, Gondola ride and sunset seems appropriate.

According to Venetian tradition, the couple riding in gondola should kiss under each bridge and they will stay in love forever.

Ivan & Joey in Carnevale mask of Venezia

Amazing Group presents


The Journey of Love in Venice - Ivan & Joey


Directed & Photography by Amazing Artist : Danny Xeero

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