The super century wedding of Sokan & Leakhena

A Prestigious Wedding for the son of former Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia , The scene is extremely luxurious, grand and full of warmth!

18th & 19th Jun 2017 was the Cambodia former deputy prime minister Sok An second son Sok Sokan and Vattanac’s chairman love daughter Leakhena's wedding day. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen greeted the scene. 


6月18和19日,是柬埔寨前副总理宋安次子Sokan 与安达集团总裁爱女Leakhena 的大婚日子,柬埔寨总理洪森到场祝贺。

~The wedding of Sokan & Leakhena~

The traditional Cambodia wedding generally began in the afternoon, Khmer wedding ceremony normally celebrate for two days consecutive, depending on local tradition, culture, and religion too. The preparation for the groom and bride are an important ceremony, they called it ( Cleaning of the groom ceremony ) To prepare the bride and groom for their life as a married couple, their hair is symbolically cut, representing a fresh start to their new relationship together as husband and wife.

Khemer wedding, there was one of the most important manifestation ceremony was the wedding parade, Areca Flower Parade. The wedding ceremony was very meaningful. Its shows the wedding tradition.

The police were the main escorts of the day, to maintain the traffic work.

Wedding ceremony is very meaningful for each of individual’s life who follows their tradition and the laws of the country, This ceremony is all about each guest having a chance to personally bestow blessings or well wishes on the couple. called it Knot Tying ceremony. A traditional Khmer wedding is one of the most joyous occasions for a Khmer family in Cambodia.

The wedding was so happy and warm. Everyone was smiling and blessing for the couple.

The prestigious wedding was being held for two consecutive days, cheers! Most of the ritual would be held on the second day, This is also the best day for their wedding and an important day.

Amazing group was carrying a high intensity shooting two days in a row, for this happiness & glory marvellous wedding!

And now the groom put on the traditional wedding suit, to spread the joyful & happiness to the people parade on the street with their families.

The procession was ended until they reached the bride house, and continue with a series of Cambodian traditional wedding ceremony such like Exchange of rings Ceremony, Knot Tying Ceremony, Hair Cutting Ceremony and etc. Hair cutting Ceremony is a symbolism and this ceremony is to cleanse the couple of the past and get them ready to start their new life together, the process is for their close friends and family members that cut a small piece of hair from both the bride and groom, added with traditional Cambodian musical instruments and dancing

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen personally blessed the newlyweds' for the hair cutting ceremony.


The bride and groom was then brought to the hall, pay respect to their ancestors by lighting incense, bowing, and offering food and tea, after this ritual come with the Honouring the Parents, The rituals is to honour and thank the couple's parents by reversing their role. Because their parents have taken care of them for years and they are now married.

After all the rituals were completed during the day time, was time to changed outfit for the dinner celebration. For what you see the pictures below, the size of the banquet hall, such as 2 football field The huge wedding banquet hall, the design of the ceiling was the logo represent the newlywed, a symbol of "Love & Honor”. From the floor of the pattern design, to the details of the exquisite wobble, all the design of the hall, are embodied in the luxury and style.

白天完成传统婚礼仪式。下午开始,新人和宾客将在这个两个足球场大小的会厅进行晚宴!众多名流都聚集在这儿,为新人送上祝福!偌大的婚礼宴会厅,天花板的设计,运用了新人的婚礼LOGO,象征着“Love & Honor”。从地板的花纹设计,到细节摆盘的精致,厅内的所有设计,都体现了豪华与气派。

The beautiful bride walk to her groom by holding her father hand with all the blessing & happiness It is such an amazing feeling, carry through our wedding ceremony with my love one, there is nothing can replace this remarkable moment. The newly wed slowly walk on to the stage, enjoyed the dance and moment

The wedding ceremony was ended with all the blessing & happiness!

Wishing the newly wed live happily ever after!!

~Presented by AMAZING GROUP~

“Professionalism & Concentration was the key for Amazing Team members to completed the

mission. Each team member insists on their duties, accomplished the mission side by side.

Stay focused, Stay up late, Get up early, Face of problem during the execution of the task, Solve

the problem, just to to ensure the perfect wedding.

Encouragement, high intense, focused, teamwork is all about Amazing Team. Less than three

hours of sleep, sorted out the clothes, holding the camera to the shooting scene again. This is

why we called intense, without the teamwork. we cant accomplished the mission together.


Team spirit, we went all out to completed the important shooting task.

The signature of happiness is what AMAZING TEAM’s core value, and here. we continue our

mission the capture happiness for newly wed to forever preserved.


幸福使命 Amazing Group 




在同伴感到疲惫的时候,从对讲机里互相鼓励,幽默对话为队员提起精神!这就是Amazing Group!




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